Due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing please utilize all of our online services. 

  • You are REQUIRED to complete the online application for a marriage license and online application for Assumed Name Certificates/DBAs before coming in to the office to complete the process or you will be turned away.  You may need to clear your CACHE on the computer to utilize the marriage license forms.

  • You can mail in recordings, birth and death certificate requests, and request for a copy of your marriage license.

  • The May 2020 Election has been moved to November.

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Information such as: cause number, hearing dates, charge and disposition information on a criminal misdemeanor case can be found online at our Brazoria County Judicial Record Search website.

If you do not have your case number then change the "search by" to "Defendant" then enter your name (last name, first name) and click on search. Locate your case and take note of the cause number (if you call the office you will need this number, we do not answer any questions without the cause number) and then click the case number to see information on case. You can locate the hearing date, time & judge under "events & orders of the court".

The County Clerk's Office does not set hearings or court dates. To set a court date please call the Court Coordinator's office for the appropriate court.

County Courts
 County Court at Law #1  Judge Jerri Lee Mills  (979) 864-1260
 County Court at Law #2  Judge Marc W. Holder  (979) 864-1571
 County Court at Law #3  Judge Jeremy E. Warren  (979) 864-1603
 County Court at Law #4  Judge Lori Rickert  (979) 864-1980


See Misdemeanor Criminal Court Dockets for Today



Criminal E-Filing became effective July 1st, 2018 per Court Order from the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas Misc. Docket No. 16-003.

Information about selecting an Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP), filer training, and other information on e-filing can be found at


Local eFiling Practices

Subsequent Filings

Items not needing a file stamp (proposed orders, notices, etc) should not have a cover letter as the lead document.

Proposed orders should be filed as a lead document.

Motions should be filed as a lead document.

Exhibits should be filed as the end pages of an appropriate lead document (motion, petition).


Training for Filers

 Browse through the available sessions and find the one that works best for you!