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Collection Rules for County Courts

  1. All pleas going through collections are required a down payment. The minimum is $50.00 due the day of or next business day.
  2. All Class C’s have to pay in full the day of plea? This would include Class C Appeals from J.P.’s.
  3. All Out of County pleas (except for probation cases) have to pay in full the day of plea.
  4. Payment Plans? Defendant will be interviewed in court and their ability to pay will be determined. They have the following options:
    1. Brazoria County Standard Plan? Of at least $100 per month. May exceed the $100.00 per month due to probation term limitations.
    2. Court Ordered Plan? Payment will be negotiated with the collector in the courtroom and ordered by the Judge.

If the defendant is ordered to pay in full and does not have their money, they may complete the Stay of Execution form. This will allow the defendant to leave to retrieve their money and be back by 3:30 PM that day. If defendant fails to return by 3:30 PM a warrant will be issued.

A docket entry will be required by the Judge if there are any special exceptions to the above rules.

Collection Rules for Felony Courts

All felony pleas will be allowed to go on a payment plan unless the plea agreement is to pay up front at the time of plea.

Note: If you are put on a payment plan, you must have your cause/case number when you call this office. We will not be able to assist you without this number. We cannot look you up by any other information. This is an office policy.