Due to COVID-19 and Social Distancing please utilize all of our online services. 

  • You are REQUIRED to complete the online application for a marriage license and online application for Assumed Name Certificates/DBAs before coming in to the office to complete the process or you will be turned away.  You may need to clear your CACHE on the computer to utilize the marriage license forms.

  • You can mail in recordings, birth and death certificate requests, and request for a copy of your marriage license.

  • The May 2020 Election has been moved to November.

"Thank you for your patience and consideration.”


FAQ's for Collections

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Why must I call the office to get the bureau code to make a juvenile payment?

  • What is the mailing address and phone number for Juvenile payments?

  • When I come to court how long will I be there?

  • I just got out of jail / TDCJ why do I still owe money? What do I need to do?

  • What if I cannot make my payment on my due date?

  • Can I make my payment before my due date or pay it off earlier?

  • Can someone else make my payment for me?

  • What if I cannot make the full amount of my payment?

  • How do I locate my cause/case number?

  • When calling the office what information will I need?

  • Can I make a payment online?

  • I need to pay my probation fees who do I contact?

  • I received a ticket and need to pay it, who do I pay?